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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 8, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> thanks. now to a developing story in baltimore county. the largest drug busts in the county's history. suspect thought of everything to hide the operation except the smelling abilities of their neighbors. sherrie johnson joins us where the police found the millions worth of marijuana. >> reporter: they are facing felony drug charges along with a 17-year-old who is being charged as juvenile. police say they were growing a huge amount of marijuana in a warehouse in an industrial area off north point boulevard in baltimore county. inside the warehouse, police found hundreds of plans of marijuana and used them for heighting and heat and irrigation. power bull $1700 a month. they also found 648 pounds of processed marijuana. 3.5 million dollars worth. it was hidden in crates lined with coffee grounds to mask the odor baw. tip from neighbor with
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a keen sense of smell tipped off police and brought the entire operation down. >> the smell would emanate from the place and you could smell it up to like a quarter of a mile across the field. >> his family is -- there's family and elderly in here. you know, and and as rule week don't see anything like this happening around here. >> reporter: the two adults in the case face ten years in prison on doug distribution charges and the state attorney is trying to increase the penalties given the amount of drugs they found. in the studio sherrie johnson, abc2 news. all new deect nighs harford county are look tore two men who forced their way into a home. police say they posed as home improvement sales representatives. threes composit drawings of the individual. we will try to get those to you. if you have information, call detectives at 410-836-5430 or crime solveers at 1-888
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#-540-8477. harford community college plans a memorial to celebrate the life of devonte bundley e died suddenly at the first basketball practice at the school. public is invited. it will be tomorrow from 4 to 7 in the globe cafe in the student center a funeral service is planned for tomorrow. in democracy 2010 news, the most powerful member of the democratic party has been on the road over the past couple weeks. and yesterday he was in town to lend a helping hand to local candidates up for reelection. president obama came to bowie state university to rally support. thousands turned out to hear him speak. abk2 news brian kuebler was there. >> reporter: the entire democratic ticket in the state of maryland got a large endorsement this afternoon from the president himself. president obama addressed a crowd here at bowie state university campaigning for governor o'malley senator mikulski and the rest of the
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democratic ticket. the message was to fight back against the latest polls and punditry that favor an antidemocratic movement and urged voteers to stay the course of change. a vote republican obama said, is a vote to move the country backwards. >> and i've got pundits who saying the other party supporters are more excited. they are saying they are going to turn out at higher levels. they say that all of you who worked so hard in 2008 might not be as pumped up or as energized. you might not care as much. that you might be willing to let the other folks who left the ecomony in a shambles go back to washington and annapolis. maryland, i think the pundits are wrong. but, it's up to you to prove them wrong. don't make me look bad, now.
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>> reporter: this presidential visit is on the heels of the most recent poll released a few days ago that shows martin o'malley with a hefty lead over robert ehrlich. but the message from the president won't change he's goes from state to state to stomp for the democratic ticket. at bowie state university, brian kuebler, abc2 news. glrchor -- governor o'malley revels in the president's glow former governor bob ehrlich says he will wait longer before bringing in republican party heavy weights to stomp for him. ehrlich finds himself trailing in the most recent polls but he doesn't seem too worried. >> when you have eight months of polls that are even and one poll comes out and says oh, my lord and you know why, it tend to give you comfort level. you can fix it in a short-term. >> ehrlich says he will call on his friends former new york mayor rudy giuliani to help campaign for him as we get closer to election day.
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tornadoes rolled through one town overnight leaving a big mess. coming up, the storm was strong enough to derail a train. how residents are trying to put the communities back together. plus, a new book says parents have more influence on their child's sexuality than they know. let's go for a check on the trains and buses. here's mark jones. >> reporter: good morning out there for your commute starting the number 35 bus with a 20-minute delay and 10 divert at green and baltimore and 7 diverted at hugh certain and faith and 5 diversion in the air afterwilkins and brunswick. for construction out there due to a water main break. light rail and subway and marc on time. i am mark jones.
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parts of northern arizona are cleaning up today after four tornadoes touched down in the area. two of them swept through the town of belmont. seek the destruction it left behind. dos of motorhomes are damaged or destroyed. the wind brought down power poles and uprooted a hillside
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of trees. 28 train cars were derailed as a result of the twisters. seven people were injured and none of them serious. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. we cleared out most of the cloud yesterday. and around the beltway at least we have to head twoaft mount airy. you can see that as we rolled this into motion there were a few cloud that popped up. and into toward the afternoon but calling it a mostly sunny skies. it was a gorgeous day. light breeze and temperatures up into the low to mid-70s. where do we sit right now this morning after a clear night? woodbine at 50. 54 westminster. 50 in towson and about everybody within a tiew degrees of 50 or the 49 spot we have up towards bel air. two degree guaranteed with sunshine gets us back to 75. let's see what he happening on the road with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks, justin. we have now another water main
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issue in baltimore city and has argone closed between alameda and loch raven boulevard a partial road collapse. so expect crews to be out there making repairs. it will be closed for the rest of the day. on the main roads traffic looks good. we don't have reports of accidents as we check the cameras right now. traffic is moving very well on beltway at harford road. 695 looks good as is 83 and 95. back to you. children learn from their environment and a woman says parents are the best influence in terms of shaping their kids mind. how her new book can help your child understand more about his or her sexuality. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris.
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buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us.
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more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. all new this morning there's a new book from an author who claims parents can actually help shape their young children's sexuality by instilling in them what she believes are correct principles. abc news kimberly explains what the principles are. >> reporter: janice graham is a write mother created a book that is geared towards young readers but one that is meant to be a
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guide for parents. >> i am concerned about the rising generation, young people are fed a lot of distorted information about their developing sexuality. >> reporter: as a mother, graham struggled with her son's homosexuality. >> it was a very difficult time for our family. >> reporter: she began to write drafting a book other parents could use to shape their young children's sexuality. chapters are written to be read by parents to their children ages 10 and older. it's an approach dr. goldsmith a child psychologist doesn't agree with. >> the child grows up to make an alternative choice decision when they are in college, they have kind of slammed the door to a child knows how they feel and it's going to be much harder for the child to communicate with them and to end up having a har mownous relationship. >> reporter: he cautions parents to focus on teaching the young ones how to develop healthy
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relationships. >> to me, it seems like it would be like brainwashing. >> reporter: steven walker is an openly gay man who thinks children are too young to be bomb barred with messages about their sexuality. >>i think they should be redding-- reading jungle book you know, enjoying the happiest time of their life whether than worry about sexual issues. >> every parents has to tow the line between do i you know try to push them towards this or do i allow for their individuality. >> i think that our world is too focused on making it acceptable for homosexuality. >> reporter: and it's the same fear leading graham to write this book. hoping it helps parents to steer young children towards a life of heterosexuality. >> that was -- the book can be found in stores mostly at wal-mart in the western part of the country. well severe weather is
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making headlines across the country. gusty wind on the shore caused plenty of flooding problems for businesses in south beach, florida. sandbags are at the ready as water continues to try to creep into stores. business owners say when the tide rises they close down. high water has caused workers in fort lauderdale to scoop sand off the street. hail the size the golf balls fell in the phoenix area as a storm passed through. operation at sky harbor international airport had to be put on hold as crews waited for the worst of the weather to move out. power lines and trees were knocked down by high winds. and about 19,000 people lost power. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. good morning at 5:16. we are checking out the almanac on this friday, the 8th day of october. and normally it brings us down to 47. we are close to that.
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70 in at typical afternoon high and we will shoot above that. we are starting the day at 48 degrees. pretty close to normal. much milder in philly and new york from 52 to 59. but just about everybody else into the 40s and cool and quiet this morning. we will see not much in the way of cloudiness. we will relax the north well flow. high pressure builds in, and we shift the winds from the southwest and start tapping into some of the heat that hit the nation yesterday. look at as we throw out the temperatures on the board, we hit 74 here in baltimore. and it was low to mid-70s stretching back for central ohio and chicago at 76. look at widespread 80s. up to st. louis at 80. 88 in memphis and some of that heat spreads eastbound i doubt we will get that warm, but it's a sign of a strong warm air mass that tries to take ahold of us. with that in mind, if anything, a cold front tries to slip through tomorrow morning
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shifting the wind and cool temperatures down as the air mass tries to reestablish its position going on into the end of the week. for today, it's nice and mild. we are going for a two degree guaranteed high of 75 under sunshine and a light but calm and steady breeze. we will settle down overnight with temperatures back to around 50s and tomorrow more sun and more fun high of 76. the rest of the forecast underway. here's kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: we remain accident free. fortunately nothing is going to hold you up around the beltway. looking at harford road, traffic is very light and not even moderate yet. no delays to let you know about anywhere. 95 looks good approaching northbound and southbound headed towards both the fort mchenry and harbor tunnels. we have a water main break in baltimore city at argone drive closed between the alameda and loch raven boulevard because of a water main break repair and road collapsed. so expect it to remain closed
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for most of the day. havre de grace, still closed up in harford county. linda, back to you. >> thanks, kim. well, it's time for those birthdays. a very happy belated birthday to joshua hair frit baltimore area who turns 6 years old yesterday. and celebrating a birthday tomorrow what lena from essex who tuns 9 years old. if you want your birthday on the air, send us a attachment to and tell butts person and try to get the birthday wishes in advance about a week so we can read them on the air. well if you have been wanting a i-pad now is your time to get one for free. all you have to do is like us. from now until december 3rd, abc2 is giving viewers a chance to take home a 32 gig bite ipad. log onto facebook and like our fan page. click on the like button and
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click on the sweeps stakes tab to win. additional service like 3g plan and apple care protection are not included in the prize. good luck to everyone. topping entertainment news this morning, juliet lieu weighs hospitalized following a hit-and-run accident. reports say that the actress was in a town car when it was blind sided by another vehicle. the car was totaled and she was treated and released. and tony -- toni braxton faces more tough tiles filing for bankruptcy again cement claims she owes between 10 million and $50 million to a long list of creditors. the grammy winner filed for bankruptcy in 1998. and p-er vian arthor has written more than 30 novels and other works including conversation in the cathedral. he says it's a real surprise and a great encouragement.
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congratulations to him. new york city wants to ban welfare resip yeants cents from using -- recipients from using food stamps from buying sugary products. and one woman is making wedding dreams come true for hundreds of military wives. why the spring wedding dresss are not close to cheap. i thought it was crazy feeding in the fall.
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onion known massachusetts is called an angel in disguise because she is doing something very special for military wives. she is giving military wives a free wedding gown. since 2003, she has gone away 500 high end wedding gowns to military brides with a value over $1,000. >> there's a lots of appreciation. they are doing an amazing job. whatever politics you are doing it doesn't matter. think about the people that are fighting for our country and we are living in luxury and we don't feel a war. >> she has set aside 140 more dresses to give away to
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military brides. the event is cosponsored by operation home front that offers assistance to military families. she is definitely making wedding dreams come true for hundreds of those brides. it's great. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> 5:424. what a good -- 5:24. what a good looking forecast. what a beautiful stretch of weather for this friday through the weekend and into early next week. we have clear skies this morning and we are within a few degrees of 50. we will make it up to 75 this afternoon and drop back again mid-40s to near 50 by daybreak. tomorrow, there may be passing clouds with a brief cool front but we will call it a mostly sunny saturday. up to around 76. 74 on sunday. and we will bump it to 78 on columbus day monday. now after that, we start to introduce the chance of a shower tuesday, and then thursday next week as temperatures start to slowly pull back to reality. let's see what's happening up in
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new york. it's time for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, amazon is reportedly getting ready to open a new online application store. the wall street journal reports that the apps would be for smart phones running google android and google has an online store with 08,000 apps. t-mobile smart phone kust pliers moving into the high tech fast lane. 4g wireless phone network is operating in 65 major metro areas. the idea is to provide very fast service. usa today tried it out. >> it was pretty darned fast. what is do that -- what does that mean? faster web surfing on the go, and quicker down loads, and it means you can watch a youtube video on the phone without hiccups. >> reporter: several other major smart phone carriers have operation 4g networks or are building them. those are the tech bites. i am rob nelson.
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from now, good morning maryland. lawmakers want to ban the use of food stamps on sugary products such as soda. they say it's for a worthy cause. how the public is reacting this morning. and it's a parent's worst nightmare. but the parents say they are proud of their son as they watch his body being brought back to the u.s. and they are called see the difference they are make for people who thought they could never walk again. good morning and happy friday. i am linda so. jamie and megan are off but justin is here and has good looking forecast. >> justin is here and it's clear. how about that? 5:28 this morning, we have a nice clear start to -- star lit
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morning turn into a beautiful sun lit day. headlines it feels like spring again. after the cool down and you turning the winter clothes over to the fall and i am sorry your summer clothes into the fall and winter wear, we get back to warm temperatures in the afternoon. it may feel like a second spring with warmer than normal temperatures extending through the weekend. our typical high 70 and we will surpass that each day through the forecast period. at 48 this morning in baltimore. 41 up towards york. a hilled 50 in the eastern shore in -- a mild 50 in the eastern shore in easton. let's check on the traffic now. here's kim brown. >> reporter: right now all lanes are open here on 97 at route 100 in anne arundel county. southbound lanes are good heading towards 50. northbound no problems approaching the baltimore belt we. around -- beltway. traffic is moving nicely. we don't have problems or major delays at this time. a pair of broken water mains one in havre


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